What’s on the menu at The Aviary, a giant new brewpub in the Canary District

What’s on the menu at The Aviary, a giant new brewpub in the Canary District

Name: The Aviary Brew Pub
Contact: 484 Front St. E., 647-352-7837, aviarybrewpub.com, @aviarybrewpub
Neighbourhood: Canary District
Owners: Adrian Bishop, Andrew Kaiser, Sebastian and Veronica Lesch, John and Jimmy Peat, Callum Woods
Chef: Joshua Charbonneau (Schmaltz Appetizing)
Head brewer: John Peat (Longslice)

The food

Everything you’d expect from a beer-brewing sports bar: burgers, wings, chili, tater tots, fried chicken sandwiches, house-made sausages—a bunch of salty, cheesy, greasy grub (but made with locally sourced ingredients). Weekends feature a brunch menu of the usual bacon-and-eggy breakfast foods.

These tater tots are topped with a cheese sauce made with the brewery’s Loose Lips lager. $9. ($7 for naked tots, or more for ones covered in gravy and curds or chili.)


Fried Brussels sprouts are tossed in a sweet and spicy General Tso sauce. $9.


The Garden Burger: a house-made tempeh-and-bean patty topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes, pickles and mayo, all on a potato roll. $14.


The Canary Smash burger: A smashed patty made with house-ground P.E.I. beef on a potato roll with cheese, tomato and lettuce. $14.


The Aviary’s fried chicken sandwich (also on a potato roll) is topped with pickled slaw. $13.


No matter what the rotating sausage of the day is made of, it can always be topped with chili and cheese. 14.50.


Seasonal-fruit popsicles are $2.50 each. This one is made with blueberries.


A whole spread of stuff.


The drinks

Beer, of course. There are currently five “home” brews by Longslice on tap (an IPA, a lager, a hibiscus pale ale, a weizen and a golden ale), as well as a couple of “visitors,” including one cider. The on-site brewery is still under construction. Oh, but here’s something fun: check out their interactive coasters.

The space

Situated at the base of a new condo build, the open-concept, baseball-themed space is filled with communal tables, big screens and a bunch of things to keep guests occupied in between innings (foosball, a pool table, a vintage Maximum Hangtime arcade game). A giant wraparound, park-facing patio seats another 130 sports fans and/or beer drinkers.

Note the Michael Jordan Space Jam figurine and the Toronto Blue Jays Troll.


An ode to the Canary Restaurant, which operated from 1965 to 2007, just down the street from the Aviary.