Toronto’s top cheesecakes

Toronto’s top cheesecakes

The go-to dessert (Photo by Marcin Wichary)

Neither trendy nor cliché, cheesecake has gained a reputation as the go-to choice of the unadventurous—a steadfast, Golden Girls–approved indulgence of which everyone can partake. Yet its popularity with bakers and diners alike stems from its versatility. Toronto’s best cover the spectrum from light to rich, sweet to sour. Here’s where to find them.

7 West
Sometimes the craving for a rich dessert doesn’t strike right after dinner, but after a show or a night at the bar. 7 West is one of the few spots in Toronto that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its list of desserts includes the café’s signature dulce de leche cheesecake ($7 per slice). 7 Charles St. W., 416-928-9041,

Bite Catering
This catering company does everything its name suggests: bite-size muffins, wee cheeseburgers and finger sandwiches. The cheesecakes, though, aren’t just tiny; they come lollipop style, on sticks. Flavours can be made to order ($3.50 per person, catered). 416-222-2483,

One of a Kind
Far Niente
This darkly furnished Bay Street restaurant makes its cheesecakes with mascarpone, which produces a pillowy, delicate dessert. Here it is complemented by a flavourful blueberry-Malibu sauce and crunchy almond streusel ($9). 187 Bay St., 416-214-9922,

Most Reliable
Wanda’s Pie in the Sky
The legendary Kensington shop offers 12 of the city’s most satisfying, consistently delicious renditions. Trade in the post-dessert coffee for a slab of cappuccino cheesecake (all slices $4.75), or try the lemon chiffon: sour and sweet, topped with lemon mousse. Best-sellers include mango chiffon and New York–style cherry. 287 Augusta Ave., 416-236-7585,

Best Selection
Carole’s Cheesecake
The three Toronto locations offer approximately 75 different kinds of cheesecake, including the caramel brownie and cranberry Christmas—a seasonal treat of fresh puréed cranberries and natural vanilla. 114 Cumberland St., 416-849-1499; 109 Atlantic Ave., 416-536-1347; 1272 Castlefield Ave., 416-256-0000;