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Today in Toronto: Leonard Cohen, A Christmas Carol and more

Leonard Cohen The rumbling 78-year-old baritone and the wry, melancholic lyrics continue to entrance. Cohen’s most recent album, Old Ideas, is full of somber yet occasionally winking reflections on age and death. Find out more »

A Christmas Carol Bah humbugger extraordinaire Ebenezer Scrooge and his ghostly companions make their quasi-annual yuletide pilgrimage to Soulpepper. Find out more »

Leon Redbone His real name may be Dickran Gobalian, he may have started his career in Toronto, and he may be in his 60s, but he’s probably not, as he once claimed, Paganini’s love child. Find out more »

Afiara String Quartet Mastering Beethoven is one of the great challenges faced by any ensemble, but these young Canadians have the credentials. Find out more »

Majestic Brahms The composer’s second piano concerto seems almost designed to exploit the multiplex talents of pianist Anton Kuerti, a master of ever-shifting musical moods. Find out more »

Food events Local Food Movement Dinner, Holiday Entertaining and more. See the Weekly Eater »


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Food & Drink

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