The world’s 10 fattest countries: Canada is out, Palau is in

The world’s 10 fattest countries: Canada is out, Palau is in

Obesity: a growing problem (Image: Graham Richardson)

Despite the recent proliferation of poutine in this country, Canada has been left off the list of the fattest nations of 2010. According to GlobalPost, which used World Health Organization statistics to compile its list, most of the bad news is concentrated in the South Pacific. Not including the obligatory nod to the U.S.—number eight, with 70 per cent of its population with a BMI north of 25—the top 10 were all far-flung island states.

Nauru is apparently the fattest country on earth, with 95 per cent of its population having a BMI of over 25 (according to Health Canada, a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal weight). GlobalPost attributes Nauru’s ranking to ritual fattening ceremonies, among other causes. Other fantastical realms included in the top 10 are Tonga (#4), Niue (#5) and Palau (#7). Honourable mentions go to Argentina, Mexico, Greece, Egypt and, despite Jamie Oliver’s best efforts, the United Kingdom.

GlobalPost points out that obesity is increasingly prevalent. The list includes at least one country from every continent except Antarctica. Maybe because there’s no McDonald’s there yet.

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