The Globe shines with Khadr coverage

The Globe shines with Khadr coverage

In the Canadian media’s ongoing effort to cover the looking-glass war on terror, yesterday was a banner day. The Globe led with the strange case of Omar Khadr. Kirk Makin was all over the Ottawa Supremes, taking the government’s lawyers to task for essentially consigning Khadr to hell in Guantanamo, then—Pilate like—washing their hands of the entire grim mess.

Meanwhile, Colin Freeze reports on evidence presented in the case of a Brampton youth charged with jihadist crimes while part of the so-called Toronto 18. The group members are referred to laughingly by their defence lawyers as Li’l Qaeda, as inflammatory as the evidence against them is (a beheaded Prime Minister coupled with Guy Fawkes–like attacks on parliament). Freeze takes an admirably afebrile approach to his subjects, maintaining balance and perspective throughout.

The Crown’s factum made clear the motivations behind the alleged plot. But defence lawyers have long suggested all the big talk was more fantasy than reality.

Time will tell.

The Globe is absolutely top drawer in its coverage of this mess—as good or better than the New York Times or The Guardian (kudos to Sean Fine as well for his excellent essay on Khadr’s legal travails this past weekend). Long may it continue.

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