The Dish Power Rankings: Lost Spring Edition

The Dish Power Rankings: Lost Spring Edition


In this week’s roundup: Tacos go east, and an Oscar-nominated actress dines on King West.

1. The Senator
Toronto’s oldest restaurant debuts a modern new menu, and gets a glowing write-up in the New York Times.

2. Rhum Corner
As everyone reaches the “Really?!?” stage of undirected winter rage, the city’s beachiest bar has never been more popular.

3. Bar Buca
Origin’s Claudio Aprile jumps on the Buca bandwagon. Meanwhile, owner and chef Rob Gentile appears to be one step closer to completing his culinary power-troika. (Buca #3 is apparently coming right along at the Four Seasons Hotel.)

4. Gusto 101
The online public has spoken: according to this traffic-tallying website, Gusto is the most popular Toronto restaurant on social media. (Splendido is second.)

5. Dundas Park Kitchen
Here’s Globe critic Chris Nuttall-Smith’s feeble attempt to reverse-psychology people away from his number-one hole-in-the-wall: “I don’t want the place to change, not ever. So please don’t go there. It’s awful and you’ll hate it.” Post City digs the breakfast sandwich. (So do we.)

6. Brassaii
Jessica Chastain carb-loaded for a night of karaoke, ping-pong and banjo-strumming with a b-day dinner at Brassaii.

7. La Carnita
The city’s original taco guys got everyone excited by announcing a second location in the Beach.

8. Chantecler
Never underestimate the power of a single adjective (in this case, “grimier”). We didn’t mean to offend, honest.

9. Come and Get It
The transition from day to evening seems to be going swimmingly. (Apparently, the staff are really, really nice.)

10. Playa Cabana Hacienda
Demi Lovato fans were all atwitter when the pop star was rumoured to be on the reservation list at Hacienda. (e.g. “I wana [sic.] go so bad and just sit at the table beside hers [sic.] while starin [sic.] and crying xD.”)

Honourable Mentions: Chris Nuttall-Smith also raved about The Pie Commission in Etobicoke, calling the takeout counter’s kale and millet pie “stupidly delicious.” Meanwhile, Amsterdam Brewery made international news by helping a devout Toronto guy devise a beer-only diet for Lent, and King West resto-lounge Weslodge is now serving something called The Cutting Board, which looks like this. Oh, and this restaurant hasn’t opened yet but it’s already changed trendy concepts five times, making everyone wonder if it’s just a very expensive, elaborate hoax.