The best food and drinks for an Oscar party

The best food and drinks for an Oscar party

If hosting an Oscar-night party is your kind of thing, then we bet kitschy movie-themed drinks and snacks are, too. So, we’ve compiled the best ideas for Sunday night, starting with celebrity cocktails from Gourmet.

Does this man taste like this cocktail? (Mickey Rourke from, drink from Gourmet)

• Ever wondered what Mickey Rourke would taste like if he were a cocktail? Neither had we. Nonetheless, Gourmet has attempted to figure it out (tequila, bitters and blood orange juice), creating nine other drinks inspired by such Oscar nominees as Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Meryl Streep. [Gourmet]

• The Kitchn has suggested food pairings for all the best picture nominees. How about the Hannah Schmitzel with a strong Kate Winslet? [The Kitchn]

• Toronto chef Massimo Capra (of Mistura and Sopra Upper Lounge) recommends a somewhat more posh party menu that includes seared Kobe beef on truffled potato croquettes and a ceviche-style shrimp cocktail. [Globe and Mail]

• If finger food won’t cut it, Epicurious’s Complete Oscar Package offers multi-course (if predictable) dinner ideas for all the best picture noms (New Orleans fare for Benjamin Button, Indian for Slumdog Millionaire) and a menu created by Wolfgang Puck. [Epicurious]

• For some, whipping up a four-course American-British meal in celebration of Frost/Nixon is too much work for a Sunday, so Delish has 10 easy-to-make party appetizers, like fig and stilton squares. [Delish]