Spice Route, Mildred’s vie for title of Canada’s Best Restroom

Spice Route, Mildred’s vie for title of Canada’s Best Restroom

Yes, such a title exists. The contest to find the best washroom in the country announced its five finalists today, with three restrooms from Toronto and two from Vancouver. (Did anyone even visit the Maritimes and Prairies?)

And the nominees are:

•  Spice Route Asian Bistro and Bar (Toronto)
• Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (Toronto)
Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto)
• The Shangri-La Hotel (Vancouver)
• Cactus Club Café (Vancouver)

The contest, sponsored by the Cincinnati-based work uniform manufacturer Cintas, has been held in the States since 2002, but this will be the first year a Canadian crapper’s status will be elevated from mere porcelain to gold.

The press release from Canada’s Best Restroom (even though Canucks prefer the term “washroom”) cites Mildred’s restroom as having hand-painted murals, designer fixtures, and slate floors and walls (strangely, it fails to mention furry handcuffs and a sexy maid). Meanwhile, Spice Route has an “eclectic Asian decor,” stone walls, colourful tiles and a garden view. The MTCC’s washroom, the dark horse in this race, is lauded for being “100% hands-free.”

The winner is determined by votes from the public, registered on the contest’s Web site, which will have photos of all the nominees (they haven’t been uploaded as of this morning). Voting ends August 31, and the winner will be announced in September.

Better luck next year, Manitoba.