Six brand-new local beers to drink in May

Six brand-new local beers to drink in May

Finally, the heat has been cranked up and we’re in the mood for patio-ready beers. From a smoothie in a can to a dark sour that’s killer with anything from the barbecue, here are six Toronto beers to drink right now.

Radical Road’s Cucumber Mint Kolsch

1177 Queen St E., 647 794-7909,

Grab your sandals and sunscreen, because this kolsch is a sunny patio party in a can. The hazy golden ale has an uber-fresh cucumber kick, and the mint cools things down just the right amount.

Rainhard Brewing’s Hop Cone Syndrome

100 Symes Rd, 416 763-2337,

This Double IPA is a knockout, and not just because it’s 8.5 per cent ABV. The hazy hop bomb explodes with notes of pine, orange rind and dank mango, with a medium bitterness and an off-dry finish. Great with nachos and guac.

Left Field’s WHIP Smoothie IPA

36 Wagstaff Dr., 647-346-5001,

Packed with black raspberries, peaches and mango, this lightly sour IPA is sweetened with creamy milk sugar and drinks like strawberry frozen yogurt, with a sprig of rosemary. In other words, it’s a food-lover’s dream.

The Six Brewing’s Line 1 Lager

777 Dundas St. W. 647-350-0404

This golden lager is like a buffed version of your favourite big-brand style. It’s fuller bodied, with a bready, bubblegum nose, a touch of bitterness and a sweet finish.

Blood Brother’s Werecat

165 Geary Ave, 647-628-6062,

Fans of the ancient Belgian Oud Bruin style will dig this dark sour. Aromas of figs, dark cherry, toffee and vanilla lead to a sweet and lightly sour sip, with notes of fig, raisin, baking spice and apple cider vinegar. But don’t worry about its complexity: this puppy is barbecue’s best friend. Bring out its acidity with maple-glazed salmon or coax out the toffee malts with a seared sirloin.

Bellwood’s Jelly King Raspberry Peach

124 Ossington Ave, 20 Hafis Road,

Toronto beer nerds drink Jelly King in blizzards and in the blistering sun — but this seasonal raspberry-peach version drinks like the King is ready to get down at a pool party, lightly bubbly with notes of tart raspberry, cherry, apricot and orange.