Pop-Up Pick: get in on the big, fat, delicious joke with nine great Toronto restaurants

Pop-Up Pick: get in on the big, fat, delicious joke with nine great Toronto restaurants

(Images, clockwise from top left: Come and Get It/Facebook; Poutini’s/Facebook; Fidel Gastro/Facebook; Signe Langford)

If this “pop-up food market” on Queen West is actually a legitimate event and not a cruel joke, it could be a unique opportunity to eat some extremely silly food, like candied spam doughnuts and vegan turducken. That’s a pretty sizable “if,” though, because the event is being hosted by none other than Khao San Road owner Montgomery Wan—the guy who, for reasons unknown, has spent the past year pretending that the storefront he’s in the process of renovating at 785 Queen West (which we think is going to be another Thai eatery, although that’s not totally clear) is connected with a fictional trio of bros called “The 3 Game Changers.” (For the full backstory on the yearlong prank, see here, here and here.)

According to a recent post on the Game Changers’ blog, the pop-up market will take place at Wan’s mysterious Queen West premises on Saturday, October 18, and nine Toronto restaurants will be taking part, including Barque, Banh Mi Boys and Matt Blondin’s upcoming restaurant Junk. What’s more, each restaurant will apparently be adopting one of Wan’s fake culinary concepts, with Khao San Road standing in as Thai Tanium, the latest in a long string of silly aliases. (It’s not clear whether attendees will actually be able to sample specific dishes listed on the multiple fake restaurant menus dreamed up by Wan, who seems to have an unusual amount of free time on his hands for a successful businessman.)

Keep in mind, there’s probably a 40 per cent chance that this whole thing is another prank (the name of the event, “Bro Appetit,” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence). Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sat. Oct. 18, 11-3, free admission (items $5 or less), 785 Queen St. W., 3gamechangers.wordpress.com