What’s on the menu at P.G. Clucks, a spicy fried chicken shack in Little Italy

What’s on the menu at P.G. Clucks, a spicy fried chicken shack in Little Italy


P.G Clucks—a grab-and-go spot serving up fried bird by the bucket and in sandwich form—has taken over the 192–square-foot space front next to the Royal Cinema on College Street. The short menu of five sandwiches ranges from by-the-book (a classic with coleslaw and pickles) to almost-fancy fowl (a chicken cordon bleu–inspired stack, for instance), and a few of the sandwiches incorporate cold cuts made by owner, Pawel Grezlikowski. Chicken is available in regular and spicy Nashville Hot varieties.

In 2013, Grezlikowski shuttered his Kensington Market storefront, Hogtown Charcuterie, but continued selling his salamis wholesale and at the Junction Farmers’ Market. When one of Grezlikowski’s biggest customers, Bar Volo, approached him about a symbiotic venture, he jumped on the opportunity. P.G Clucks is connected to Bar Volo’s new Little Italy location, Birreria Volo, so it will fulfill all of the bar’s hot-food orders (right now that’s limited to a single sandwich and plates of fried chicken). Here’s a look at some of the dishes hitting the deep fryers.

Grezlikowski debones 180 chicken legs daily. The birds are first brined in a lemon-herb bath before being doused with buttermilk. Then, the meat’s dredged and laid to dry. A second flour coating right before hitting the deep fryer is what gives the bird its extra crispy crunch. Starting at $8 for two pieces and a side.

Sides include potato salad, coleslaw and pasta salad. $2.50 each.

The classic sandwich combines bread-and-butter pickles, a chicken tender and coleslaw, all on a Thuet sweet potato bun. A squirt of fermented chili sauce and some buttermilk ranch complete the dish. $6.50.

The bánh mì’s dressed up with house-made chicken liver pate, ham, pickled carrots and daikon, kewpie mayo, cilantro and sriracha. $8.50.

The muffaletta’s got a bunch of your standard toppings (salami, ham, mortadella, olive tapenade), but provolone is swapped out for Swiss, and pickled eggplant adds a bit of pucker. $9.

And of course there’s a secret menu. Ask for the Gimmick and you’ll get honey-tossed deep-fried chicken served on a honey cruller. $10.

Grezlikowski (left) and some happy customers.


610 College St., no phone, @pgclucks