What’s on the menu at Otto’s Bierhalle, a German beer hall with 24 brews on tap

What’s on the menu at Otto’s Bierhalle, a German beer hall with 24 brews on tap

Name: Otto’s Bierhalle
Neighbourhood: Little Portugal
Contact: 1089 Queen St. W., 416-901-5472, ottosbierhalle.com, @ottosbierhalle
Previously: The Bristol
Owners: Nancy Chen, Konrad Droeske, Matt Eckensweiler, Thomas Masmejean (all of Otto’s Berlin Döner) and Nav Sangha (Miss Thing’s, Wrongbar)
Chef: Andrew Bailey (Concession Road, Böehmer, La Société) and Steve Nguyen (Otto’s Berlin Döner)

The food

A meat-heavy menu of Bavarian and Alsatian specialities (sausages, schnitzel, rouladen, roasted ham hock) and sharing “feasts” made up of the same. But there are a few vegetarian dishes, as well, like spaetzle and cheese, and schnitzel made with halloumi or portobello mushrooms.

Spaetzle and cheese features German egg noodles coated with a sauce made of cream, gouda, raclette and Le Douanier cheese. It’s topped with crispy kale and potato chips. $8.

This rouladen (rolled beef tenderloin) is based on Bailey’s grandmother’s recipe. It’s stuffed with smoked cured beef, house pickles, mushrooms, caramelized onions and mustard. $10.

The Choucroute Alsace feast is loaded with roast pork belly, bratwurst, weisswurst, house-made sauerkraut, brussels spouts, fennel, potato salad and house pickles. $45.

The Bavaria feast includes schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock), weisswurst, sauerkraut fritters, sauerkraut, potato salad, beet salad, fennel and house pickles. $55.

The gluten-free Black Forest dacquoise is made with almond flour and served with chocolate mousse. $7.

The drinks

A dozen taps dedicated to local beers and another 12 to international ones, most of which are German. An extensive bottle list features interesting seasonal brews and higher-octane, aged beers. There’s a short wine menu, too, and rotating signature cocktails, some made with beer-based syrups.

The bar’s Trappist bottles include La Trappe’s Tripel ($22), St. Bernardus’ Abt 12 ($26.50), St. Bernardus’ Christmas Ale ($26.50) and Chimay Premiere ($20).

For gose fans, there’s Bandit’s Wizard of Gose ($12.50), Left Field’s Go Ahead ($15.75) and Burdock’s Meube ($18) and Meube Noir ($18).

Omission’s lager and pale ale are both gluten-free. $6.

The current cider lineup includes Barkaiztegi ($32), Coat-Albret ($35), Duxbury Heritage ($8) and Tilted Barn ($8), and Collective Arts’ Pear Saison ($8).

Black and Rouge: Jim Beam Black, Dolin Rouge, Fernet Branca, Hacker-Pschorr Weisse syrup, Angostura bitters. $10.

Spiced Rum Flip: Sailor Jerry rum, brown butter, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, egg, nutmeg. $12.

R75: a riff on a sidecar made with German brandy, Cointreau, lemon, simple syrup and topped with a caramelized orange wheel. $12.

Head bartender Adrian Murfin, pouring an R75.

The space

In true biergarten style, many of the tables are long, communal ones. A bit of greenery brings the outdoors in, and, as shown below, one big red button brings the party to the washroom.





Here is the washroom. See that red button?

This is what happens when you press it.