New Yorkers told to visit Toronto and eat at CN Tower

New Yorkers told to visit Toronto and eat at CN Tower

The peak of Toronto dining? (Photo by Oliver Mallich)

As if our superior Chinatown weren’t enough of a draw, New Yorkers in search of a reason to visit Toronto may find inspiration in this odd list compiled by the travel site eTurbo News.

Some of the city’s best restaurants fail to make the cut, though some obvious culinary draws—like Wine Bar and the CN Tower’s touristy 360 Restaurantare given a thumbs up. But how about fleeing the deli-filled streets of NYC for, wait for it, a deli? Apparently Caplansky’s is worth the journey (the writer even fantasizes about having the “cute, charming (a little pudgy), intelligent” owner Zane Caplansky as a son-in-law). Theatre district joints Dhaba and Focus Group are also top picks.

Dining aside, it’s good to know that Toronto can count on the allure of its airport and Air Canada’s “roomy,” and “comfortable” planes. Because everyone loves to visit a destination to, you know, hang out on the plane that takes you there.

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