What’s on the menu at Kaboom Chicken, including Toronto’s first ramen burger

What’s on the menu at Kaboom Chicken, including Toronto’s first ramen burger

Riverside’s new spot for Korean fusion food is also the city’s only place to try a ramen burger, the noodle-decked mash-up created a few years ago by Keizo Shimamoto, who currently runs New York’s Ramen Shack.

“We’re food truck–style food gone brick and mortar,” says Kaboom Chicken co-owner Richard Lee, who left his career as a software developer to make noodle-bun burgers with his brother-in-law. Here’s a look at all the different fried, gochujang-sauced goodness you can find on the menu.

The Ramen FC Burger sandwiches a Korean fried chicken thigh between two crispy ramen buns. “We started by making our own ramen from scratch, but it was too time-consuming—so now we use old-school packaged ramen,” says Lee. A bit of the powdered stock gets mixed into “bun” for added oomph. The burger is topped with bibimbap toppings (spiralized carrots and zucchini). $13.

A duo of Korean arancini flavoured with kimchi and sesame oil are rolled in panko and deep fried. $5.

Kaboom uses a Trinidadian roti recipe for its taco shells, which are stuffed with 24-hour sous-vide pork belly. It’s topped with coleslaw and a pepper-gochujang sauce. $5.

Galbi-tine fries: this play on poutine tops fries with galbi-spiced, soy-braised beef. It’s finished with pickled carrots and torched feta. (Also available on rice.) $10.

A Hong Kong–style bubble waffle is topped with two pieces of Korean fried chicken. The bird gets marinated in sake, soy and garlic overnight before it’s dredged in potato starch and twice fried. Then it’s slathered in a sweet and tangy sauce. $12.




722 Queen St. E., 416-546-9899, kaboomchicken.com, @kaboomchicken