Introducing: The Lakeview Storehouse, Dundas West’s new corner store and communal pantry

Introducing: The Lakeview Storehouse, Dundas West’s new corner store and communal pantry

(Image: Gizelle Lau)

Back in November 2010, we told you that the owners of the Lakeview Restaurant were planning on going retail in early December with a new shop next door to the hipster late night and brunch staple. As with most new shops and restaurants on the Ossington strip, the opening was delayed, this time for five months. Now, we’re happy to report that the Lakeview Storehouse finally opened last week on May 2.

Lakeview owners Fadi Hakim and Alex Sengupta (also of The Abbott coffee shop in Parkdale) took over the convenience store property back in January 2009 but didn’t begin renovations until July 2010. After gutting the space, they added a larger kitchen to take over all the food prep for the restaurant and its burgeoning catering business.

Staying true to its name, the storehouse feels like a pantry for The Lakeview and other neighbouring restaurants (chefs from places like Pizzeria Libretto and the Dakota Tavern are known to drop by to borrow a cup of sugar). Here, you’ll find fresh produce picked up from Ontario Food Terminal and farmers’ markets twice a week. Plastic bins hold bulk food items like garlic powder, ground ginger and even cornflakes (used in The Lakeview’s popular Cornflake Chicken). On the shelves, novelty items like Baconnaise (bacon mayonnaise) sit next to specialty food products like falafel mix, soy sauce and smoked sausages. The unique selection might be a tad more fun more than practical, but that’s probably the point.

The tin ceilings imported from New York state were one of the main reasons behind the delays. Along with the roughed-up wooden coffee crates used for shelving, they create a quirky old-school grocery store vibe. Classic confectionery jars, colourful candy sticks and an impressive chip selection not only add to the kitschy ambiance but will also almost certainly attract those looking to relieve the 2 a.m. munchies without waiting in line at the restaurant.

Behind the counter, takeout menu items from the restaurant are also available, including the Disco Breakfast ($9), the Lakeview Clubhouse Stack ($11.50) and the Captain Canuck ($9.50). The store begins its 24-hour schedule later this month on May 24, and starting May 27, the shop will also begin to offer an extended poutine menu from midnight to 4 a.m. Looks to us like they know their audience.

Lakeview Storehouse, 1134 Dundas St. W., 416-546-8889,