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Inside the new 36,000-square-foot T&T Supermarket at Fairview Mall

Featuring a breakfast counter serving jian bing

By Liza Agrba| Photography by Lucy Lu
The exterior of the T&T Supermarket at Fairview Mall in North York

As part of an $80-million glow up, Fairview Mall recently converted a former Sears into a sprawling Asian food hall complete with vendors selling soufflé pancakes, Taiwanese milk tea and Hong Kong–style baked goods. But the biggest retailer in the revitalized space is a new location of the Canadian Asian supermarket chain T&T, adding to its 10 other stores across Ontario.

For the uninitiated, T&T is a one-stop shop for Asian grocery needs—Wagyu beef, lychee and dragonfruit, and an exhaustive selection of ramen and salty snacks. There’s also a hot food bar, a live seafood counter, an on-site bakery, a street food section and—a first for T&T—hot breakfast options starting at 8 a.m. (hello, jian bing). Come with us for a virtual stroll through North York’s newest grocery monolith.

The first thing customers see when they enter is this Toronto-themed wall art—if there’s something more representative of our city than a Raptor spinning a bao in place of a basketball, we’ve yet to find it.

The Toronto-themed wall art inside the T&T Supermarket at Fairview Mall in North York

There are skin care products from Japan, Korea and China, including at least 30 different face masks.

T&T skincare products at the Fairview Mall in North York

Moving along to the food, there’s a comprehensive selection of produce...

The produce section at the Fairview Mall T&T

...including this lychee flown in fresh from Vietnam.

Lychee for sale at T&T

There are also tons of leafy greens.

Leafy greens for sale at T&T

These boxes of specialty fruit make for easy gift giving.

T&T specialty fruit boxes

This prized Japanese musk melon is famous for its nectar-like sweetness.

Japanese Musk Melon at T&T

The durian comes in fancy gold wrapping paper.

Durian for sale at T&T in Fairview Mall in North York, Toronto

The live seafood counter is home to Dungeness crab.

The live seafood counter at a Toronto T&T

These spot prawns, which go out of season in the winter months, are flown in daily from BC. Get these sweet, delicate shrimp (though they look like mini lobsters) while you can.

Spot prawns at T&T

There are a lot of choice filets to choose from, too.

Filets for sale at T&T in North York, Toronto

T&T is the only Asian supermarket in Canada that carries certified Angus beef.

T&T is the only Asian supermarket in Canada that carries certified Angus beef

How to stand out in barbecue season: this Hokkaido-sourced Wagyu beef is prized for its fine texture and thorough marbling.

Wagyu beef at T&T

If there’s offal on your grocery list, chances are you’ll find it here.

Offal for sale at T&T in Fairview Mall

Among the abundant offerings from T&T’s private label are these Taiwanese-style pork sausages, voted the brand’s customer favourite in a survey this year.

T&T Taiwanese-style pork sausages

This section stocks everything you need for a prep-free hot pot party, like pre-sliced meat, fish balls and dipping sauces.

Hot pot ingredients for sale at T&T

When dining out for dim sum isn’t an option, make it a DIY affair.

T&T dim sum

Be still your beating hearts, ramen aficionados.

Shelves of T&T ramen

A closer look at some of the instant noodles on offer.

T&T instant noodles

And the snacks—oh, the snacks!

T&T snacks

Check out all of these imported chips.

T&T chips

These ones promise to taste like beef Wellington.

Beef wellington chips T&T

And these cucumber chips sound perfect for summer.

T&T cucumber chips

Who doesn’t love Pocky?

T&T Pocky

Wash it all down with these imported sodas.

T&T sodas

Just follow the smell of freshly baked bread, buns and cakes to find the bakery.

T&T freshly baked bread

We’re in mango season, folks. This luscious creation is T&T’s bestselling dessert.

T&T fresh mango cake

No trip to this store is complete without a visit to the hot food bar.

T&T hot food bar

And, in particular, to the section serving up sticky sweet-and-sour pork ribs.

T&T sweet-and-sour pork ribs

Besides what’s available here, customers can pre-order Peking duck dinners with all the fixings. (It’s a special-order deal because the meat tends to dry out if left for too long.)


These bamboo-wrapped rice dumplings are traditionally consumed during the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 22 this year.

T&T bamboo-wrapped rice dumplings

Shelves of pre-made bubble tea should speedily dispense with any cravings or thirst.

T&T bubble tea

This is the only T&T location in Toronto with a dedicated gift section. It’s currently stocked with these adorable 3-D dim sum puzzles.

T&T gifts

There’s also this cookware—the Fika saucepan happens to be Tina’s (one of the Ts in T&T) favourites.

T&T Fika saucepan

To the left of the entrance, there’s a street food section that serves hot breakfast starting at 8 a.m.

T&T's hot breakfast counter in Fairview Mall in North York, Toronto

This is the beginning of a Chinese crêpe made with mung flour.

T&T Chinese crepe

It’s filled with egg, crispy fried dough and scallion...

T&T Chinese crepe

...then folded into a portable parcel.

T&T Chinese crepe

This is T&T’s signature fish ball soup. Every fish ball is stuffed with a bit of pork and finished with a simple pork broth and a sprinkle of scallions.

T&T fish ball soup

The two make a great combo.

T&T fish ball soup

Say hello to Tyson Li, this location’s manager.

Inside the new 36,000-square-foot T&T Supermarket at Fairview Mall

There’s a little food court outside the entrance so customers can have a seat to snack on their treats.

T&T food court

1800 Sheppard Ave. E. (Fairview Mall, entrance two), 416-493-8113,


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