I will survive: Crews and Tango reopens tonight (finally)

I will survive: Crews and Tango reopens tonight (finally)

Crews and Tango in its old incarnation (Image: Google)

It’s been a year since Crews and Tango, the Village main drag’s main drag bar, shuttered. Over that time, the neighbourhood experienced a downward spiral as the area’s stores and restaurants closed left and right: Carman’s, American Apparel, Bigliardi’s, Lettieri, Zelda’s, Statlers, Pita Pen, Il Fornello, etc. But tonight, the former hot spot will welcome its 20-something clientele once again—part of a local turnaround that is making “there goes the gaybourhood” jokes seem laughably premature.

“The reopening of Crews and Tango is exciting, but it’s not going to be like the old Crews and Tango,” says co-owner Paras Prashad. “We’re keeping the same feel to it, but we brought the place up to code, gave it a new coat of paint, added new lights, a new bar and a new stage.”

Prashad took over the place with his partner, Michael Ramawad, on New Year’s Day. The two have been coming to Crews for years, so Prashad says there’s some emotional attachment to it, and he hopes that it’ll get people coming back to the Village and infuse some pre-Pride hype. “I think with Crews and Tango being such an institution, it’ll mean more people will come to the Village, and other businesses will benefit, as well, which in turn benefits us.”

Other goals for the new Crews are to introduce a tapas menu—“restaurant” has been added to the name—and to attract a wider audience. Crews will also host monthly multicultural events and afternoon games for people who don’t want to stay up until the wee hours.

Crews and Tango opens tonight at 6 p.m.