How to make Civil Liberties’ gin martini

How to make Civil Liberties’ gin martini

At the Bloor West speakeasy, gin flows till last call. Here, bartender Nick Kennedy shares the recipe for his signature martini

(Image: Dave Gillespie)

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Nick’s Martini


45 mL London Dry Gin (like Fords or Beefeater 24)
45 mL dry French vermouth (Dolin Dry is the best available at the LCBO)
Two dashes Regans’ No. 6 orange bitters (found at BYOB on Queen West)


1. Chill a mixing glass by packing it with ice.
2. Stir vigorously, then strain off the water.
3. Add the gin, vermouth and bitters, stir gently, then immediately strain into a chilled martini coupe.
4. Garnish with a single cocktail olive. “When it’s icy-cold and properly mixed,” says Kennedy, “there’s nothing better.”