Hitchin’ a ride with Moby

Hitchin’ a ride with Moby

On the dance floor at the Blindness party, we decided to be resourceful and ask man-about-town Shinan Govani where the after-after party was.

“It’s almost 3 a.m. This is the after party,” he said in between some rather goofy dance moves.

We weren’t willing to accept that, so we pulled Moby aside after his set and asked him to accompany us to the Drake Hotel.

And we were pretty floored by his response: “Yeah, OK.”

Once outside, however, we had a bit of trouble hailing a cab, so we flagged down one of those pickup trucks with a rotating billboard on the back and convinced the driver to squeeze four people into the two-seater front.

Moby offered to put the driver, Igor, a Ukrainian immigrant and huge fan of the bespectacled DJ, and his 10 closest friends on the V-Fest guest list as thanks for the lift.

Once at the Drake, we rubbed elbows with Steve Nash and patted ourselves on the back for our rock star ability to keep the after-after party going.—Melita Kuburas

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