Here’s what it looks like when Matty Matheson has a dinner party

Here’s what it looks like when Matty Matheson has a dinner party

Hint: So. Much. Seafood.

One thing to expect from Parts & Labour chef Matty Matheson, besides a good meal, is a good time. That holds true even when he’s whipping up food at a friend’s house, as he did at a Sonos-sponsored feast last week at Metric guitarist James Shaw’s Ossington pad. The Playlist Potluck shindig featured an impromptu photoshoot with a lobster, a solid kilo of caviar and an endless Spotify playlist built by the guests themselves.

We tagged along to see what it’s like when Matheson has company over:

The first course featured a smorgasbord of seafood, including all-you-can-eat caviar, five pounds of crab, a tiny tower of oysters, and even some sea urchin.


A buffet-style dinner boasted both spicy and classic fried chicken, prime rib, white-truffle double-backed potatoes, broccoli in a gold-leaf-and-cream suspension, creamed corn with uni and maple syrup, creamed foie gras and spinach as well as in-bone marrow au jus. Here’s Matheson prepping the bones.


The evening’s theme of dinner set to a collaborative playlist meant that guests could keep adding songs as the night went on.


Chef Matheson’s penchant for comfort food expressed itself in a banana split for dessert.


Twenty guests later, the seafood platter had barely a dent in it, which prompted Chef Matheson to emerge from the kitchen and give the shellfish a personal touch…


…after which the lobster apparently got to the chef’s head.