A look inside celebrity chef Susur Lee’s kitchen (and his fridge)

A look inside celebrity chef Susur Lee’s kitchen (and his fridge)

How the chef-owner of Lee, Luckee, Bent and Fring’s cooks at home

Susur Lee
Susur Lee at home in his recently remodelled Trinity Bellwoods kitchen (Image: Derek Shapton)

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Susur Lee has worked in dozens of fancy kitchens, but this one is his favourite. He and his wife, the interior designer Brenda Bent, bought their Trinity Bellwoods home two years ago and immediately gutted the place. Their goal for the main floor was to create a big, light-filled space where the whole family could eat, cook and hang out (the couple has three sons: Levi and Kai, now in their 20s, and 17-year-old Jet, who still lives at home). The result is sleek but practical: a giant Miele fridge accommodates a full haul from Fiesta Farms, and the massive granite-topped island means there’s always somewhere to put things down. Restaurant life is erratic, so home-cooked dinners don’t happen every day. When they do, Lee and Bent take turns grilling steaks, tossing pasta and making other simple meals. For dessert, Lee indulges in his guilty pleasure: almond cookies from Hong Kong Island Bakery on Spadina. “I grew up on this stuff,” he says. “It’s what I crave.”

(Images: Derek Shapton)