City may allow soccer fans to drink at 10 a.m. during World Cup

City may allow soccer fans to drink at 10 a.m. during World Cup

Cheers to that: city may permit fun footie fluids at 10 a.m. (Image: Flawka)

City hall is considering letting bars serve alcohol an hour earlier this June, all thanks to time zones and soccer. World Cup matches in South Africa will air at 10 a.m. in Toronto, and early serving times will allow bar owners to capitalize on the fun. Oddly enough, the move has been spearheaded by Joe Pantalone, the man who imposed a one-year moratorium on bars and restaurants on Ossington and thought J.P. Challet’s new bistro would attract gangs if given a liquor licence. Perhaps Pantalone’s heart has grown a few sizes over the past months, just in time for the mayoral race.

Pantalone told the Globe:

I think people are responsible in Toronto. There’s never been any problem with soccer fans in this city… When Italy won the World Cup, for example, there was celebration everywhere, and it was all good, clean fun.

Who is this man, and what has he done to Pantalone?

If approved, bars will serve booze starting at 10 a.m. for the duration of the World Cup, from June 11 and July 11. Although we’re pretty sure that soccer fans will find a way to tipple with or without council’s thumbs-up, it’s nice to know that the city’s bar owners can get in on the action.

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