Chef Doug McNish is opening a vegan diner in Parkdale

Chef Doug McNish is opening a vegan diner in Parkdale

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Mythology, the city’s first vegan diner is opening next month, bringing meat- and dairy-free versions of comfort-food classics—eggless Bennies, meatless Reubens, steakless Salisburys and clamless caesars—to Parkdale, in the space previously occupied by the Commodore. Chef Doug McNish (Public Kitchen) has partnered with the 5700 Inc., the brand behind the neighbourhood’s two other similar establishments: vegan drunk-food restaurant Doomie’s and the Imperative, an all-vegan retail store that carries products like vegan footwear and cruelty-free condoms. (Another common element to each of the three spots: a selfie wall.) Dinner service at Mythology will start December 1, lunch on December 18 and brunch on New Year’s Day.

Eggless Cobb salad.


A vegan Reuben.


Fettuccine alfredo with portobello flank steak.


Cinnamon bun pancakes and not-bacon.


Root beer float with vegan ice cream.


Artwork includes a veganized version of Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam.


Here’s a closer look.


Chef McNish in Mythology’s “selfie room.”

1265 Queen St. W.,, @mythologydiner