Inside The Imperative, a new all-vegan boutique in Parkdale with a selfie wall and cruelty-free condoms

Inside The Imperative, a new all-vegan boutique in Parkdale with a selfie wall and cruelty-free condoms


At the Imperative, a new West Queen West store that sells all-vegan everything (from condoms to cozy parkas), going animal-free is a way of life. “We want to show people that veganism isn’t a diet,” says owner Hellenic Vincent De Paul, who’s been vegan for the past eight years, “and that it’s actually really easy to buy everything you need without exploiting animals.” The store—which is across the street from Doomie’s and shares a part-owner with the vegan junk food mecca—makes things super-simple for vegans who pore over labels on cosmetics and skincare, not just food.

The place, which used to be a weed dispensary, is tricked out with a ton of vegan-themed decor, including a “selfie” wall at the entrance:


The mural behind the cash, which depicts a world in which everything is vegan, was painted by Jacqueline Poirier (a.k.a. The Crazy Plate Lady, whose plates are also for sale). It took her approximately 30 hours to complete:


The opposite wall, dubbed the “Great Wall of Vegan,” has skincare, books, ceramics and housewares on display. The chalkboard walls were designed by Madison Van Rijn:


The brand custom-made their T-shirts and sweaters ($45), which say stuff like “Veganism for Everybody” on Highline Apparel T-shirts:


The vegan condoms (which, we were assured, are just as effective as regular condoms) are latex, Peta-approved, and formulated without glycerin, parabens or spermicide ($10):


Handmade clutches ($99) and totes from Israeli label Medusa are made of embossed vinyl:


For vegans who like to get dolled up, this palette ($40) from Portland label Pacifica is all-natural and cruelty free:


The shop also sells cute cards (albeit with slightly grim undertones) that were handmade by Eva Lampert and Guto Reiiz, The Imperative’s in-house writer and graphic designer, respectively ($7):


Downstairs is an entire room devoted to vegan footwear, including a pair of Star Wars stilettos by Elizabeth Olsen’s NYC brand Olsen Haus ($90):


Shoppers can also grab warm, waterproof boots from Cougar ($150)—just in time for a slushy Toronto winter:


1332 Queen St. W.,