Boxed wine benefits, stripping for seafood, Ramsay’s Aussie gaffe

Boxed wine benefits, stripping for seafood, Ramsay’s Aussie gaffe

Boxing clever: New wine storage methods are a hit (Photo by Michelle Ng)

• Traditionalists might turn up their noses at boxed vino, but a professor of wine science at Brock University is declaring that Tetra Paks are best at reducing the “green” taste found in some wines. Almost as bad for oenophiles, the très gauche screw cap is proving better than cork at preventing oxidation. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

• The plight of the endangered bluefin tuna is the latest cause célèbre in Hollywood. First, A-listers boycotted tuna-serving restaurants, then chefs struck the fish from their menus, and now some celebrities are stripping for the cause. We expect the sight of Terry Gilliam naked to help the movement by ruining appetites the world over. [Telegraph]

• A group of federal government researchers in Quebec are working hard to figure out how to pump probiotic cultures—digestion-friendly, health-promoting bacteria usually found in dairy products—into all sorts of foodstuffs. [Canadian Press]

• Gordon Ramsay shows a Melbourne audience a doctored photograph of a naked woman on all fours, with multiple breasts and a pig’s face. He declared this to be Aussie journalist Tracy Grimshaw, who’d interviewed him the previous day. Australians are not amused. [Guardian]

• The food court at the Oakville Place mall is giving customers a choice between disposable plates and reusable, washable ones. The program is a success, with 500 to 1,000 fewer disposable plates trashed every day. [Toronto Star]