What’s on the menu at Bombay Street Food Co., a taste of Mumbai on Bay

What’s on the menu at Bombay Street Food Co., a taste of Mumbai on Bay

Our Review of Bombay Street Food

Name: Bombay Street Food Co.
Neighbourhood: Downtown Core
Contact: 828 Bay St., 647-344-7862, bombaystreetfood.ca, @bombaystfoodto
Owners: Amreen and Seema Omar
Chef: Donald Gingrich

The food

A combination of snacks found at Mumbai’s street vendors and Irani cafés, and home-style meals that co-owners Amreen and Seema make for their families. The sisters-in-law (who got their start running a pop-up at the East York farmers’ market) thought that Indian food wasn’t properly represented in Toronto—that there was way too much butter chicken and naan—so they wanted to introduce dishes that are more regional to Mumbai, Seema’s hometown. All of the meat they source from Cargill and Sargeant Farms is halal.


Gunpowder fries are one of the three sides available. They’re tossed in an 18-spice masala and topped with a dry chili-coconut chutney.


Sev puri: rounds of unleavened deep-fried bread with potatoes, green mango, chutney, and Bengal gram-flour noodles. $7.95.


Salli chicken bowl: Parsi-style sweet, sour and spicy chicken under crispy potato sticks and coriander. Shown here with a side salad and roti ($11.95). Two women make the flatbread daily—Amreen and Seema call them “roti queens.


Beef kheema pav: spiced ground beef dressed with ginger, crispy onions, coriander and yogurt sauce on griddled pav buns from Cobs. Shown here with a side of daal chawal rice. $11.95.


Masala haddock: a broiled haddock fillet is marinated in a fish masala and topped with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and coriander. Shown here with a side of daal chawal rice. $12.95.


Qubani ka meetha: a regional dessert from Hyderabad made with stewed apricots, custard, fresh cream and toasted almonds. (Bonus: each serving has 11 grams of fibre.) $4.95.

The drinks

Bombay Street Food Co. isn’t licensed to serve alcohol, but they do have two types of chai (masala, adrak), cardamom-spiced coffee and house-made lassis (mango, rosewater-cardamom).


Chai comes in two varieties: masala (brewed with milk and cardamom) and adrak (brewed with milk and ginger); they’re $3.95 each. Customers can order a side of cookies (supplied by the Danforth’s Muzda Bakery) to dip in their tea ($3.95).

Photo by Gabby Frank

House-made lassis come in mango and rosewater-cardamom. $4.95.

The space

Amreen and Seema wanted to bring Mumbai into their casual space: one wall was designed to look like the side of a crumbling building, framed family photos decorate the back room, and many accents, like the hanging lamps and patterned handles, were picked up at Chor Bazaar during a recent trip to Mumbai. The huge space that takes up a good chunk of the McLaughlin Motor Showroom heritage building. “This time last year, we were in a tent with two tables from Canadian Tire and a butane burner,” says Amreen.


The photos that run along this wall are from Amreet and Seema’s recent trip to India.


The back room is decorated with family photos (birthdays, parents’ weddings, even a couple with Bollywood stars).

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