Bathroom sex at Mildred’s: the gift that keeps on giving (to the media)

Bathroom sex at Mildred’s: the gift that keeps on giving (to the media)

Forget the Olympics—this week, Canada is known as the country that lets patrons get it on in restaurant washrooms. News of the Valentine’s Day special at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen has exploded on the Internet, with coverage in Romania, Portugal and Hong Kong. In the States, outlets UPI, the Huffington Post, Drudge Report and the Village Voice (which makes the obligatory Purell joke) have picked up the story.

Romanian tabloid Libertea says the restaurant caters to patrons who fancy a hârjoneli (we think it means “frolic”), while at HuffPo, the commentators put their own Yankee spin in the comments section with such gems as “Somebody forward this to Senator Larry Craig,” “Oh Canada definitely takes on another meaning” and “That’s it: I’m applying for Canadian citizenship.”

On Mildred’s Twitter page, it was announced this morning that CANFAR is donating more than 900 condoms to the restaurant to promote safe sex. (Nine hundred? We feel sorry for the maid who has reportedly been hired to do the cleanup.) It was also announced that the place is completely booked for Valentine’s Day.

As for the original article that appeared in the Star yesterday, as of 3:30 p.m. today, it had been shared 926 times on Facebook and re-tweeted 741 times. We bet other restaurant owners in the city are kicking themselves for not coming up with the idea.

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• UPDATE: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen takes it all back »