We talk dildos with Kristin Booth and nude photo shoots with Dragonette’s Martina Sorbara at the Hello! party

We talk dildos with Kristin Booth and nude photo shoots with Dragonette’s Martina Sorbara at the Hello! party

Russel Peters and his girlfriend

Nothing says Yorkville quite like a Birks blue box (perhaps with the exception of Tiffany’s), so it was apt that star-stalking Hello! magazine staged its festival bash at the jeweller’s Bloor Street shop. The Bay-Bloor junction was jammed with iPhone-waving onlookers eager to snap a shot of red carpeters, including us. We said hello to head-turning actress Monika Schnarre, who was sporting a sexy backless dress by Lucian Matis. Being Erica star Erin Karpluk assured us that Ethan and Erica are still together in the soon-to-air Season Two. Just then, the crowd got rowdy for funny man Russell Peters, who hammed it up on the red carpet. “I never know what to do with my hands,” he joked while under fire from a dozen cameras. When a photographer asked for a solo shot, he retorted “So you hate my girlfriend?”

Inside, it was a bling-off between the Birks showcases and the gem-dotted glitterati. Crisis hit early, however: two attendees were wearing the same BCBG dress. “Whatever, you look better in it,” said a friend to one of the identically clad ladies.

Wearing something distinctive—a whimsical hat and a Jason Myers tuxedo jumpsuit—Defendor star Kristin Booth joked about donning a dildo for Young People Fucking, which premiered at TIFF two years ago. “It was a little awkward coming out of the changing room, but we got right into it.” We ask her pick for a safe word. “Popcorn,” she answered without hesitation. “Hands down.”

Downstairs, we run into the vixenous voice of Dragonette, Martina Sorbara. Though she’s shy about her garlicky bruschetta breath she pauses for a chat about her hometown.

TIFF.TO: What are you wearing?
SORBARA: All Canadian, all Carte Blanche. I’m in London a lot, but I come back and shop at Carte Blanche in Toronto.

TIFF.TO: What’s the first restaurant you hit?
SORBARA: Terroni. What’s great about coming back is seeing the city grow. I think the final frontier for hipness in Toronto is a gas station coffee shop. I want to buy the 7/11 on Dundas. Do you have $2 million?

TIFF.TO: You could try for a Playboy photo shoot—Hugh Hefner is in town. Would you do it?
SORBARA: For $2 million? I might have to.

TIFF.TO: Think of the change you could make with $2 million.
SORBARA: You mean change of clothes, right?

TIFF.TO: Obviously.