The best new titles coming to Disney+, Crave, Amazon and more in September

The best new titles coming to Disney+, Crave, Amazon and more in September

To help you pick out what to binge, we’ve rounded up the best that’s on offer on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, CBC Gem, Crave and Disney+ in Canada for the next few weeks. And, if that’s not enough, here’s our list of every new title coming to Netflix.


New to Disney+

Months after its theatrical release was cancelled due to Covid, Disney’s live-action remake of its 1998 animated classic will finally make its way to a screen near you—as in, your living room TV. The catch: it’ll cost you an additional $35 to make up the approximate price of admission for a family of four at the movies. Although the film has done away with the musicals and talking dragon to maintain some semblance of historical accuracy, its heroic story remains the same: when the emperor of China issues a conscription decree for one man from every household, eldest daughter Mulan masquerades as a man in the army to take the place of her ailing father. September 4



In this 10-part inspirational documentary series, LeBron James rounded up a host of his celebrity friends to revisit and talk about their not-always-so-glamorous roads to success. Each tear-jerky episode will follow a celebrity—including star athletes Anthony Davis and Candace Parker, actors Nick Kroll and Ashley Tisdale, and singer Colbie Caillat—as they visit their old high schools haunts and hometowns. September 18

Also coming to Disney+

Bend It Like Beckham (September 4)
Christopher Robin (September 11)
Big (September 18)
Once Upon A Time: Season 1-7 (September 18)



New to Amazon Prime Video
The Boys: Season 2

In this dark and gory sci-fi universe, superheroes have become arrogant but highly marketable celebrities whose corruption must be checked by a vigilante group known as the Boys. The battle between good and evil continues through the second season, complicated by the arrival of a shady new cast of super-powered terrorists. Filmed in Toronto, the series’ action-packed sequences often take place in familiar locales, including Roy Thomson Hall, Kensington Market and Yonge-Dundas Square. September 4



Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn adapted this dystopian series from a 2013 British show of the same name. It follows a ragtag group of comic book fans who meet at a convention and realize their favourite author has predicted—or possibly even created—every major disease outbreak of the past few decades, including Ebola, MERS and Zika. Here’s where it hits a little too close to home: when a new virus is declared a national pandemic, the group must work together to end the biological warfare before it becomes humanity’s undoing. September 25


Also coming to Amazon Prime Video

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 1-7 (September 1)
Top Gear Season 1-13 (September 1)
Golden Girls: Season 1-7 (September 14)
Bones: Season 1-12 (September 15)
All In: The Fight For Democracy (September 18)
Castle: Season 8 (September 19)



New to Crave

This unconventional buddy road-trip movie from the people behind You and Riverdale stars Haley Lu Richardson as a pregnant high school student in Missouri who can’t get an abortion without her parents’ permissions. So she hits up an old friend to help her drive more than 700 miles through Oklahoma and Texas to the nearest facility in New Mexico. Over the weekend, the friends heal old wounds, hit up a dirt race circuit and, as in any halfway-decent road-trip movie, run from the cops. September 10


Coastal Elites

If you’re desperate to know how your favourite celebrities have been passing their time under lockdown, wonder no more. This socially distanced satire from Jay Roach was remotely filmed in the cast’s living rooms using virtual backgrounds. It stars Sarah Paulson, Issa Rae, Dan Levy, Kaitlyn Dever and Bette Middler as five erratic liberals—including a nurse, an actor and a web meditation expert—speaking directly to the camera about their weird and unsavoury encounters with an unfamiliar species: middle Americans. September 12


Also coming to Crave

Raised By Wolves (September 3)
The Way Back (September 4)
Tammy’s Always Dying  (September 10)
Just Mercy  (September 12)
The Third Day (September 14)
We Are Who we Are (September 14)
And The Birds Rained Down (September 17)
The Invisible Man (September 25)



New to Apple TV+
Long Way Up

For those homebound wanderlusters desperate to get back on the road, this new vacation-porn documentary series produced by and Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman should provide some level of escape. Following up on their previous adventures, Long Way Round and Long Way Down, the adventurous duo—now on an environmentally friendly pair of electric Harleys—will start off at the tip of South America and hit up rugged landscapes in 13 countries over 100 days on their way up to Mexico. September 18


Also coming to Apple TV+
Tehran (September 25)



New to CBC Gem
Happily Married

Set in the ’70s, this drama series is about a pair of unhappy couples in a quiet suburban town. When they drop off their kids at a camp for the summer, they trade in their boring suburban monotony for the thrill of high-flying lives as glamorous gun-totting and champagne-drinking criminals in Quebec City’s seedy organized crime world. September 16
Also coming to CBC Gem
About Sex (September 4)
Chewing Gum: Season 2 (September 4)
Timewasters: Season 2 (September 4)
Line of Duty: Season 4 (September 4)
Mohawk Girls: Season 3 (September 11)


September 3, 2020

An earlier version of of this story included an incorrect release date for Happily Married on CBC Gem.