The Bachelor Canada recap, episode 8: and the lucky lady is…

The Bachelor Canada recap, episode 8: and the lucky lady is…


Dear Brad,

The journey certainly has been interesting, and we’re so (sooo, sooooooo) glad that you made the right decision, because 1) Bianka seems like a pretty cool girl and 2) she is not Whitney. Thank the Lord, thank the stars and thank you, Brad, really, for allowing us to maintain some faith in mankind.

The episode sure didn’t seem promising at the start, with you apologizing to Whitney for putting her in an awkward position at the last rose ceremony. (You know, the one where she behaved like a spoiled brat and totally disrespected the lovely Kara.) Watching that scene, we felt like you had drunk the Cruella Kool-Aid and there was nothing we could do to help you. We thought the same thing when Whit behaved like a sociopath during dinner with your family. She gave the rhymes-with-witch face to your parents, and still you came to her defense, saying that “if you ask [Whitney] a question that she hasn’t thought about, she just needs that time to process.” Maybe it has something to do with the air over in Hudson, but where we come from, Brad, that’s just code for dumb.

Then, of course, Bianka killed it with your family. She was fun and warm and just confident enough to charm your sort-of-scary sister. Still, we were worried. Even as you and Whitney argued your way through your final date, we wondered if you might be mistaking crazy and difficult for passionate and intense (you sure wouldn’t be the first dude or even the first Bachelor to do so).

After that, everything happened at warp speed: one second you were (finally!) seeing the light, and the next Whitney was taking her two greatest assets—self-confidence and determination (what did you think we were going to say?)—and heading home. We didn’t even understand the final scene between you two. Were we supposed to? Who knows? Who cares? Because in the end you chose your “Cheeseburger” Bianka, teaching hundreds of thousands of male athletes that it’s okay to cry, and teaching hundreds of thousands of young women that if a guy really likes you, he won’t mind that you don’t go to the fantasy suite while he’s still exploring “fantasies” with two other women.

Seriously, Brad—you did a great job, you got a great girl and maybe, just maybe, you two can show the American Bachelors how it’s done by actually getting married. We expect an invitation.

—XO Your Fairy Love Mothers