Spotted: Dakota Fanning flies in ‘90s style while Kiefer Sutherland sweats it out on the TTC

Opening night kicked off with the premiere of The Magnificent Seven, but magnificence extended well beyond the red carpet. Here’s what the stars were doing and wearing in the last 24 hours of TIFF.

What we learned from the Pearson arrival hall photos: Dakota Fanning matches her choker to her kicks when she flies, and Anne Hathaway’s calf-length caftan reveals that she definitely checks that hourly weather report before getting off that plane:


Also, Sandra Oh pushes her own luggage trolley, thank you very much:


Brie Larson took a behind-the-scenes excursion to relive a key moment from last year’s TIFF season in a floor-length Alexander McQueen:


The Limehouse Golem’s Douglas Booth uploaded this snap before take-off, but he must have disembarked by now…right?



Armie Hammer, one of the stars of Free Fire, announced that he’s expecting his second child with wife and TV host Elizabeth Chambers:


Culinary tastemakers Andrew Smith and Susur Lee both wore custom Jason Myers suits for the night:


Denzel Washington brought the heart-eyes emoji to Chris Pratt’s face:


…and then Pratt quickly explained his relationship with Instagram:


Fans got cheek-to-cheek with Hayley Bennett at The Magnificent Seven’s premiere:



Pratt and Ethan Hawke sandwiched Bryan Ulrich of The Signature Gallery at Storys:


Jason Sudeikis showed us exactly how much salt and pepper his beard is sporting these days:


Peter Sarsgaard doesn’t know what Snapchat is:


Naomi Watts finally made an appearance:


And Kiefer Sutherland made like the mayor and went for a sweltering subway ride:



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