Spotted: Woody Harrelson wearing a beanie, Chloë Moretz hamming it up, and Gerard Butler showing some love for the 6

It was fun while it lasted, but TIFF 2016 has come and gone. Until the next season, celeb spotters will likely have to make do with just seeing Drake haunting the streets of the 6. Here’s who we managed to spot around town this final festival weekend.

Nicolas Cage sent a taped video in his stead to a Midnight Madness screening of Dog Eat Dog:

The—errr—cast of Sadako vs. Kayako took a jaunt around the Eaton Centre:

Woody Harrelson wore a pro-biofuel beanie to Cirque du Soleil…

…then switched out his hoodie (but not his T-shirt) for a glass of red at the Ritz-Carlton:

The Edge of Seventeen’s cast took a Roy Thomson Hall selfie where Hailee Steinfeld’s pucker was the clear standout…

…although we’re pretty sure Haley Richardson had the most fun on the red carpet:

Family moments aren’t a red carpet regularity, but we caught Chloë Moretz hamming it up for fans while her mother Teri watched on adoringly…


…and after the premiere of Brain On Fire, Moretz took the time to grab a photo with survivors of NMDA-R encephalitis, which her character suffers from in the movie:

Character actress and consummate on-screen grandma Beth Grant suddenly appeared at Canteen:

Key members of The Rolling Stones took to the red carpet in classic rocker chic threads for the premiere of Olé Olé Olé:

Gemma Arterton stopped by for a snack at Calii Love:

Pride of the Raptors Masai Ujiri stopped by a Giants of Africa party at Lavelle and had a chat with star Ryan Otsimi:


And skyline selfies proved a recurring theme. Bryce Dallas Howard captured a sunlit moment with city…

Gerard Butler used a CN Tower snap to thank Toronto for a good filmfest…

…while Kreesha Turner used a reflective city selfie to show some love for the 6.


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