Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the drinking game

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the drinking game

Fanboy pulses everywhere quickened when it was announced that Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels about Scott Pilgrim, a bass-playing Toronto trouble magnet, were being made into a movie. When Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright signed on, fangirls swooned. And when geek god Michael Cera (holla, Brampton!) was cast as the shaggy-haired slacker destined to do battle with his new love’s seven evil exes, you could practically hear brains explode. To top it off, the comic-book adaptation to end all comic-book adaptations is set right here at home (eat it, New York!), just as it should be. Straight-edge Scott quaffs Coke Zero all around town (nice product placement, Universal), but for those who prefer a bit of bite, our Scott Pilgrim drinking game, after the jump.

Take a drink:

• Every time you wish your every move was punctuated by beeps! thumps! kapows! and myriad video game sound effects. Sigh, at least Dance Dance Revolution is real.

• Every time you spot a local landmark. Tip #1: tiny sips. Between Casa Loma, the Wychwood library, Honest Ed’s, Pizza Pizza and about 100 others, you’re going to get hammered.

• When an audience member cheers. Tip #2: a group cheering counts as one person. Otherwise, you’re headed to the emerg.

• For every sly comment made about Toronto kind of sucking. It can’t all be puppies and rainbows, people.

• Whenever Scott wears a T dot-related tee. Make it a double for his SARS T-shirt—jokes about infectious diseases
take swagger.

• Every time Scott misses the anvil-heavy hints dropped by his gal, Ramona, about her bisexuality. Geez, Pilgrim, she’s a roller-blading, pleather-wearing, Manic-Panicked smart-ass—of course she’s done it with a girl.

• Every time a character has a cooler name than you. Scott Pilgrim. Ramona Flowers. Knives Chau. Envy Adams. Gideon Graves. Need we go on?

• When your heart leaps at the realization that the gaming coins Scott wins after defeating an evil ex are actually Toonies and Loonies. Exchange rate be damned, that’s rad.

• Every time you wish the Reference Library really was a members-only nightclub with ziggurat-style seating. On-site research is soooo much more fun with a house band and Bombay.

• Whenever you long for a Toronto that looks that beautiful in winter. Where’s the slush? The grey skies? The parade of hipsters sporting Sorels?

• When you come to the conclusion that Michael Cera has found the most perfect role for his astonishingly limited range since Arrested Development. Bring on the sequel.