Ryan Gosling hung out with Harry Rosen at the premiere party for La La Land

By Emma Healey| Photography by George Pimentel

The buzz was heavy at Lavelle’s Hugo Boss–sponsored premiere party for La La Land—the stars (Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and John Legend) are as A-list as they come. As onlookers clustered outside the doors (and tried to talk their way into the building), things inside the party stayed surprisingly low-key. The stars stayed for a polite hour or so before making an equally polite exit, while a handful of other celebs lingered to chat with their friends and try not to drop their phones in the bar’s many, centrally placed pools.

The Stars

Director Damien Chazelle was in attendance, alongside Olivia Hamilton:


Callie Hernandez’s gorgeously embellished red dress was a frequent point of conversation:


Ryan Gosling posed for an improbable snapshot with Harry Rosen:


Dave Matthews made a surprise appearance:


Lyriq Bent looked happy as he chatted with Avi Lerner:


Dan Levy mingled poolside in a trenchcoat:


Susur Lee sported a camouflage jacket:


Emma Stone wore a bedazzled Chanel gown in her signature canary hue:

The Scene

A few DJs played Girl-Talk-style mashups of pop hits and dance classics, while guests sipped champagne and dined on fresh lobster brioche and mini croque monsieur. Some people wandered to the far edge of the party to sit in the heated cabanas or take selfies against the backdrop of the city skyline, but most clustered around the back of the bar, near the A-listers.

The Gossip

Gosling and Legend arrived about an hour into the party, sitting down at tables that had been reserved for them. Gosling sat on a couch and chatted with a rotating cast of showbiz types while everyone else crowded into the narrow spaces around the couch areas, trying not to look like they were trying to look at him. John Legend sat at a table in the back, engaged in a serious conversation with a friend. Stone arrived soon after, chatting with a couple friends in her own reserved spot, but by midnight, all the biggest stars had left the party.


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