Redemption Inc., episode 9: where are they now?

Redemption Inc., episode 9: where are they now?

Redemption Inc. Episode 9

On Redemption Inc.’s reunion episode, we learn that none of the contestants have made much money since the competition ended (or even moved on to lesser reality shows); that Kevin O’Leary can do manual labour; and that Joseph collects dolls (ex-cons do have sensitive sides!). Plus, Sam records a rap album, and Brian O’Dea gets lost in the woods. We catch up with the entire gang, after the jump.

First up, Alia, who welcomes a chilly Kevin O’Leary to Prince George. Sadly, the heartwarming triumph we had imagined (in which Alia’s snow-removal biz has made the ex–crack dealer a millionaire) is thwarted by lack of snowfall. At least O’Leary is forced to shovel snow in his expensive-looking pants—which undoubtedly fit perfectly. Meanwhile, Brian O’Dea heads to the B.C. wilderness to find Aaron in a segment complete with artsy camera work (perhaps it’s the handiwork of the genius who made the video bios). After four days of searching, O’Dea and Aaron have an awkward chat that tells us nothing about Aaron’s life except how he washes his hair. Not helpful!

Brian is the only other ex-con to get significant time on camera, thanks to a “get Brian a job” day organized by O’Leary—and Brian does land a job, thank goodness. As for the rest of the ex-cons, Nicole has a job but won’t specify what it is (get her parole officer in there!), Ryan’s weird disappearance will forever remain a mystery, Adam and Joseph are still best buddies, Sam has a dubious rap record that’s “about to drop” and Leslie is so traumatized by his time on the show that he won’t participate in the update. Finally, Jeff—sweet, lovable Jeff—is tattooing up a storm in Petawawa. Anyone up for a road trip?

• Number of minutes we spent on Google, trying to find Sam’s album online: 4.5

• Number of times Kevin and Alia talked about Prince George’s lack of snow: 8

• Number of artistic and/or weird “Brian O’Dea in the bush” moments: 5

• Number of ex-cons who have stayed friends: 2

• Number of dolls we’d like to imagine Joseph has in his house: 1,000

• Number of times we were sad that this season of Redemption Inc. is finished: 6