Redemption Inc., episode 6: art is the new crack

Redemption Inc., episode 6: art is the new crack

Redemption Inc. Episode 6

Redemption Inc. is getting serious: only five contestants remain and the challenges are becoming fancy (we guess Kevin O’Leary has decided the ex-cons are now fit to mix in with society). From $23,000 photographs and high-end galleries to mysterious orange cocktails and rich cougars, this week’s episode was all class. We also met our favourite boss of the season, a candid gallery owner who dares to butt heads with Kevin and compares art to crack. Check out all the details—and find out how Jeff did—after the jump.

The ex-cons looked especially nervous as they lined up under a huge metal installation in the Olga Korper Gallery—we wonder if the looming chain is dredging up bad memories of the clink, but it turns out just to be anxiety about dealing with rich folk in this week’s challenge. “I’ve never really stepped into that world of elegance,” said team leader Brian, evidently imagining art buyers as monocle and top hat-wearing snobs.  Luckily, their boss, Olga Korper, turns out to be a very cool lady in possession of purple hair and a totally unpretentious attitude. She tells them selling art is the same thing as selling drugs because “we’re all addicted to the stuff.” (We’re addicted to Olga! Can she please come back next week?) Also, this sounds like the perfect career move for ex-crack house operator Alia.

Since the challenge is not on a boat, in a park, or in Mississauga, Kevin O’Leary deigns to show up, and he buys $35,000 worth of art with an airy wave of the hand (we get it, man, you’re rich). Meanwhile, Sam is charming the cougars (“You said you’re in your sixties? That’s the new forties.”), while Adam’s sales pitch seems to involve bringing people glasses of water. Only Jeff is struggling and we resort to yelling instructions at the screen: Stop telling people you’re an artist! Why are you wearing jeans? Please don’t roll up your pants to show the tattoo you did on yourself! Alas, he fails to heed our advice, which makes the elimination scene nerve-wracking. Thankfully, Adam’s conniving gets him sent home over Jeff (but not before Olga chides Kevin for only thinking about money—seriously, can she stay forever?).

• Number of times someone was accused of stealing sales, a.k.a. “cutting the grass”: 5

• Number of times we were nervous about the ex-cons dropping a piece of art: 4

• Number of pieces of art bought by Kevin O’Leary: 3

• Number of times patrons of the arts said patronizing things about ex-cons: 5

• Number of glasses of soda water Adam carried: 9

• Number of times we wanted to hang out with Olga: 451