Q&A: The Bachelor Canada’s Brad Smith and his lucky lady, Bianka Kamber

Q&A: The Bachelor Canada’s Brad Smith and his lucky lady, Bianka Kamber

Much to our recapper’s relief, in this week’s episode of The Bachelor Canada, Brad Smith gave his very last rose to Bianka Kamber, a 28-year-old nurse from Mississauga. Yesterday, we chatted with the pair about keeping secrets, the Argos’ chances at the Grey Cup this weekend and the origin of the nickname “Cheeseburger.”

(Image: CityTV)

Congratulations on your engagement! How are you two dealing with the big revelation?
Brad Smith: Just trying to slowly live our first day in real life. Bianka set up this thing last night where I walked into her parents’ house the second the show was over. Everyone just went bananas.

Bianka Kamber: It’s surreal!

There has been an incredible amount of attention paid to the show. Do you guys read the recaps and analysis?
BS: I read it the first couple of weeks, but I tried to live off what I remember as being filmed instead of people micro-analyzing my decisions—although most of them were hilarious.

After each episode aired, did you two have a lot to explain to each other?
BS: We got about 14 days as soon as the show stopped to kind of figure out, “OK, the cameras are gone, do we really like each other this much?” It took about four minutes to realize that it was the best decision of our lives. In that 14-day period, we basically found out every single thing about what we each did on the entire show.

Brad, you’re in Toronto and Bianka, you’re in Mississauga. You must be able to see a lot of each other now?
BS: I just moved into her parents’ house last night!

BK. He’s currently occupying the right side of my queen-size bed!

BS: It’s the European thing. We’re going to try to buy a house within the next couple of months, but until then, her parents are just so excited to have me—at least they tell me they’re excited.

You guys call each other “cheeseburger”—where did that come from?
BK: It’s kind of funny how it happened. He called me a cheeseburger because I made him this little picture with the map of the world, and I mapped out the places where we’d travelled and called it our Journey of Love. He saw it while we were cheers-ing, and he said, “Oh, you’re such a cheeseburger!” And so instead of saying “Cheers,” I said “Cheese,” and it kind of stuck. It’s kind of our thing now. Everyone’s calling us cheeseburgers.

Do you guys actually like cheeseburgers?
BS: This girl loves cheeseburgers. I’m more of a spicy chicken type. JBCs at Wendy’s all day.

Brad, at the beginning of the show, you said you were not a crier. But you cried a lot this season!
BS: If you’re sincere and genuine toward the process, you have to go through those conversations and feelings. I cried once because I was sad, and the other time was at the proposal because I was the happiest I’ve ever been. Also, having a conversation not only with the girl that you’re talking to but with a lot of other people who are watching intensifies everything.

Bianka, did you end up making friends or enemies in the house?
BK: I would say that I only made friends in the house. I’m not a confrontational type of person. The two girls I was closest with were Nicole and Ana, but I also had very close relationships with Chantelle and Laura B.

Did any of them know about you and Brad?
BS: The only people who knew were our parents and siblings.

And Whitney, I  guess?
BS: And yes! I think Whitney too.

The way things ended with her was a little strange. Were you as confused as we viewers were?
BS: You never want to be the one that’s getting dumped. It happens. It sucks. But when I knock on your door, you kinda know what’s going on. How she handled it was kinda the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen a human being do.

It must have been really strange for you to watch on TV, Bianka.
BK: You know what? It didn’t even faze me. I’m here with him now, and the rest is history.

Brad, what’s it like watching the Argos make it to the Grey Cup in Toronto?
BS: Oh man, I’m so excited. I’m so excited for Ricky Ray. I’m so excited for David Braley and the whole organization. They’ve been flying under the radar, and they need something to spark a resurgence in CFL football in Toronto. And I’m almost willing to put my money down that Ricky Ray wins that game.

Care to make a prediction?
BS: I’d say Toronto takes it by a touchdown in a shootout.

Are you two going to attend the game?
BS: We’re gonna try. Bianka hates football though, so…

BK: I guess I’ll start learning—I know nothing about football. But if he wants to go, and he wants me there, I’ll go, I’ll watch, I’ll crush some beers with him and call it a night.