Every new title coming to Netflix Canada in October

Every new title coming to Netflix Canada in October

A monthly breakdown of the movies and TV shows we’re most excited to see on Netflix

Stranger Things 2

A year after Eleven and co. defeated the Demogorgon, the boys grab their jumpsuits and Proton Packs for Halloween ’84. In no time, Will gets sucked back into the Upside Down and we’re in for another Stephen King–style round of spooky suburban adventures, moody synth soundtracks and Winona Ryder shrieking. Available October 27.


The Meyerowitz Stories

Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler rise above their usual brand of man-child comedy as the sons of Harold Meyerowitz, a noted but not-quite-famous sculptor and professor played by Dustin Hoffman. When the siblings get together with their mom (Emma Thompson) and sister (Elizabeth Marvel) to fete their dad’s career, the reunion turns into a comically bitter collection of sibling rivalries and old familial gripes. The film was a hit at Cannes this year, praised for writer-director Noah Baumbach’s heartfelt story and the cast’s impressive performances. Available October 13.



Netflix hopes to recreate the neo-noir success of its 2015 film Suburra with this new series of the same name. It’s a prequel to the movie, going deeper into the stories of various players—politicians, mafia bosses, the Vatican Bank—who get involved in shady dealings to turn a seaside town outside of Rome into a Vegas-like bacchanal of gambling and large living. The combination of mob crime, state corruption and religious undertones should make for a watch that’s as addictive as Narcos. Available October 6.



Season one revolved around the murder of uppity quarterback Jason Blossom. Now the shooting of Archie’s dad will drive the action. Things only get darker and more dramatic in season two of the CW’s steamy, soapy take on the Archie comics, a pulpy guilty pleasure that went gangbusters among O.C–watching millennials earlier this year. Available October 12.


One of Us

The team behind Jesus Camp trains its lens on another religion in One of Us, a documentary about Hasidic Jews who leave the faith and attempt to live a normal life in New York City. The film centres on three defectors from the ultra-orthodox community—a woman forced to marry at 19, a teenager reeling from sexual abuse and an aspiring actor—to reveal what it’s like inside the insular sect, and what happens when you leave: disownment, guilt and even violence. Available October 19.


Also coming to Netflix this month

Available now
Rodney Carrington: Here Comes the Truth
13 Demons
As You Are
Black Mass
Boys in the Trees
Cult of Chucky
Dead Set
Equestria Girls: Tales of Canterlot High
(Season 1)
Generation Iron 2
Ghost Patrol
Lockup: Disturbing the Peace
(Collection 1)
Los 33
Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown

Our Brand Is Crisis
Patriots Day
Sticky Notes
Valley of the Dolls

Available October 5
Bonus Family (Season 1)
It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper and Beyond

Available October 6
ID-0 (Season 1)
Chelsea (Season 2)
Kibaoh Klashers
(Season 2)
Once Upon a Time
(Season 6)
(Season 7)
Skylanders Academy
(Season 2)
The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson
Word Party
(Season 3)

Available October 7
Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

Available October 10
Christina P: Mother Inferior

Available October 11

Photograph by Art Streiber/The CW

Available October 12
Dynasty (Season 1)
Ali G Indahouse
Fe de etarras
Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
The Kite Runner

Available October 13
Dragons’ Den (Season 14)
El Especial de Alex Fernández, el Especial
Kingdom of Us
Mindhunter (Season 1)
Super Monsters (Season 1)
Supernatural (Season 12)
Voltron: Legendary Defender
The Babysitter

Available October 14
Jane The Virgin (Season 4)
This Is Not What I Expected

Available October 15
Learning to Drive
LEGO: City
West Coast Customs (Season 6)
What We Did on Our Holiday

Available October 16
Deep Undercover Collection (Collection 1)

Available October 17
Patton Oswalt: Annihilation
Slasher: Guilty Party

Available October 19
War of the Worlds

Available October 20
Do the Right Thing
Haters Back Off
The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story

Available October 21
The Vampire Diaries (Season 8)

Available October 24
Wanted (Seasons 1 and 2)
The Hunt (Season 1)

Available October 25
The Final Master

Available October 26
Friday the 13th (Parts 4 through 7)
Strange Weather

Available October 27
Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold
Life in Pieces (Season 2)

Available October 30
Judah Friedlander: America is the Greatest Country in the United States

Available October 31
Ben’s at Home