More from the party on the Bridle Path with Clooney, Bateman and a pack of goats

More from the party on the Bridle Path with Clooney, Bateman and a pack of goats

Jason Batman with his lovely wife, Amanda Anka

One of the most exclusive parties at TIFF was nowhere near downtown. Instead it was in a mansion on the Bridle Path known as The Glass House where the after-party for The Men Who Stare at Goats took place.

Inside, the house was decked in bottles of Vitamin Water (they sponsored the party) while outside, two pens filled with actual goats wearing shirts that read “Don’t stare at me” greeted guests with their blue-cheese odour and menacing jumps (more on that later).

Jeff Bridges was the first to arrive on the red carpet with a handful of reporters like Lainey and Glen Baxter (we assumed most of the no-shows decided Lawrence was too much of a trip from downtown), followed by author Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan, who wrote the screenplay. The celebrity flow then slowed a bit as reporters waited for George Clooney’s arrival (he skipped the carpet and went straight into the house but left about an hour later). Jason Bateman also skipped the red carpet upon arrival but came back out to talk about the joys of fatherhood with his wife, Amanda Anka.

Actors Richard Kind, Gregory Smith (here to promote Leslie, My Name is Evil), Tate Donovan (you’ll know him as Rachel’s boyfriend Joshua on Friends) and Extra TV’s Jerry Penacoli posed for a few shots outside while MTV Canada’s Nicole Holness got a little too close to the goat pen and had one nibble on her gold sequined dress. Mena Suvari, who tells us that she met her beau in Toronto, was a little more cautious when petting the goats, noting that one of them was wearing a shirt that perfectly matched her nails. And while the photographers and reporters waited for more celebrities to show up, Shinan Govani popped out from the house to chat with Lainey.

Inside we spotted Patricia Clarkson, who’s in town to promote Cairo Time (she didn’t like seeing the goats dressed up and locked in the pens), as well as Adam Brody hanging by the entrance. His OC co-star Peter Gallagher also made an appearance and says he still stays in touch with Brody every so often.

Leave it to a bottle of Vitamin Water to bring the old co-stars together.