Harry Rosen party turns into an electro mash-up extravaganza with Steve Nash

Harry Rosen party turns into an electro mash-up extravaganza with Steve Nash

When we arrived at the Harry Rosen party last night (the event’s special guest was Steve Nash) we knew exactly what we were getting into. Virtually every guest (mostly older men) wore head-to-toe black. The music was slow, low, ambient house—loud enough to be noticed, but not nearly so distracting as to take away from conversations about which BlackBerry model one is carrying.

Once conversations turned to Peter Mansbridge, we knew we were in for quite an evening. Fellow guests were heard remarking how “the market is recovering” and talking about where they summered. “Oh, you’re a broker, too?” was a commonly heard remark. When the DJ played a mash up of the Ghostbusters theme with Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and the room remained stoic, we knew we were in trouble.

How wrong we were.

At 8:30, the venue changed entirely. At the bar, everyone began to order doubles. We suddenly heard everyone complaining about not being able to smoke on the fourth floor patio. “We’re outside, after all! What’s the big fucking deal?” Shinan Govani showed up. The music turned from chill to an electro mash-up extravaganza. Guests were dancing, albeit softly and within small groups. Men were going to the bathroom together and even waiting for each other to finish. We overheard Michael King, former Kontent magnate, talking about a party he’s holding at Jezebel on Sunday with “lots of boys.” Also spotted were Jeanne Beker and Traci Melchor, two of our favourite women about town.

Oh, Steve Nash was there too. But we’re not much into sports.