All the GTA locations that show up in the second episode of Black Mirror’s new season

All the GTA locations that show up in the second episode of Black Mirror’s new season

The best episodes of Black Mirror feel eerily familiar. They’re fun-house-mirror reflections of reality, distorted by hi-tech inventions that seem futuristic but rarely farfetched. Arkangel, the second episode of the series’ fourth season, which just arrived on Netflix, may have seemed even more recognizable than usual. That’s because it was filmed in and around Toronto and Hamilton. The episode, directed by Jodie Foster, takes helicopter parenting to its dystopian extreme: a mom implants a chip in her daughter’s head to keep track of her and ends up learning more than she bargained for. Here, a guide to the local settings that show up onscreen.

Early in the episode, a single mother named Marie takes her daughter, Sara, to this playground, which is part of a small park on Beach Road in Hamilton:

While Marie is talking to another mom, Sara chases a cat and gets lost. Marie panics, but the two eventually reunite farther down the same road:

The scare convinces Marie to try Arkangel, an experimental new parenting technology. The company implants a chip in Sara’s head, letting Marie track her location, measure her vitals and see exactly what Sara sees on a tablet. Arkangel’s clinic is located inside the Thompson Hotel:

The chip also allows Marie to “filter” disturbing images and sounds, muffling and blurring them beyond recognition. Sara’s implant filters this dog, located at Keith and Douglas Streets in Hamilton:

The family home is also in Hamilton, on MacNab Street North:

Here’s the backyard:

When Sara gets a little older, she attends Linden Park Junior Public School in Hamilton:

Another several years pass, and Sara and her boyfriend Trick share a joint at Cherry Beach. That’s the lifeguard station in the background:

Using Arkangel, Marie sees Sara taking drugs and sleeping with Trick. She drives to Accent Furniture Warehouse in Mississauga, where Trick works, to tell him to stay away from Sara:

A few scenes were also filmed by the store’s loading docks:

Sara also pays a visit to Rex Pharmacy to buy an emergency contraceptive pill for Sara. The shop is actually Hilary’s Pharmacy on Dundas West:

To put it lightly, Sara doesn’t respond well to her mother’s meddling, so she storms off violently. The episode ends as she hops into a truck on Cherry Street, with Scotia Plaza and the Aura building in the distance: