Spotted: Gerard Butler with a small fry, FeFe Dobson keeping it cool, and Vanessa Redgrave going full badass with a red carpet eye patch

The last few days of the fest have seen Toronto steadily haemorrhaging star power, but there are still plenty of glamorous celebs who have yet to say goodbye.

Gerard Butler was photo-ready mid-french fry:

Just like Dakota Fanning did almost a full week ago, Chloë Moretz repped the 90s choker at her arrival at Pearson:

Props to Ana Golja for choosing to #wearCanadian, specifically Stephan Caras, to last night’s L’Oreal Gold TIFF party…

While Fefe Dobson wore a rocker’s attitude and kept it low-key at the same party:

In Dubious Battle’s Veronica Ferres showed up in head-to-toe black at the Shangri-La:

Lily James and Jai Courtney made it out to Sharp Magazine’s TIFF-specific popup:

Co-stars Anupam Kher and Gerrard Butler commemorated their TIFF circuit with a snap by the exit sign at the Elgin:


The incomparable Vanessa Redgrave channeled Kill Bill’s Elle Driver at yesterday’s red carpet for The Secret Scripture:

Woody Harrelson took on all challengers at Farmacia Health Bar’s foosball table:

Filmmaker Philip Wang and Chinese megastar Wang Lee Hom definitely bumped into ShadowhuntersHarry Shum Jr. and Isaiah Mustafa:

Christopher Plummer grabbed a snack at the Four Seasons’ Café Boulud:

Rooney Mara was ambushed by some fans outside Cibo Wine Bar:


Kate Hudson was seat-mates with Steven Tyler in business class on her flight out of Toronto:

As soon as he appeared, Jason Momoa was gone: we didn’t even know he had left the 6ix till he suddenly emerged from baggage claim at LAX…

...which is the same way we found out that Emma Stone has left us, too:


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