Canada’s Got Talent, episode 20: self-promotion and semi-finalists

Canada’s Got Talent, episode 20: self-promotion and semi-finalists

Canada’s Got Talent, Episode 20

After this episode of Canada’s Got Talent, there are just two more until the big reveal: a live two-hour performance episode airs on Sunday, followed by the results show on Monday. Last week, judge Stephan Moccio played a number from his new album, Elements, and this time we get to hear judge Measha Brueggergosman sing  “I’ve Got A Crush On You” from her album. We like Brueggergosman’s performance—she’s sultry but sweet, and she clearly has fun at the mic (this time, an orange one, for those keeping count along with us). We’ve got our fingers crossed for Martin Short doing Jiminy Glick next week, but we won’t hold our breath, especially since Jackie Evancho, one of the breakout stars of America’s Got Talent, is slated to perform.

When Broken Dance, chanteuse Marianne Demers and Jack Ettlinger are onstage, no one is shocked to see Ettlinger go first. Marianne is a bit of a wild card: Moccio likens her to a young Celine Dion (to be clear, in his eyes that’s a good thing), but her performance isn’t enough to keep her in the running. Broken Dance wins the most votes across Canada, but to be fair, as we’ve said before, eight members means eight times as many friends and family to vote for you. Next up for judging are Aygul Memet, Francelle and Mat (our favourites from the Halifax auditions) and Laheeb Quddusi. Laheeb is the first axed, and after some hemming and hawing from the judges, Aygul moves on to the finals with a unanimous vote. What a sad state of affairs, considering we loved Francelle and Mat’s rousing rendition of “9 to 5” on Sunday evening.

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