Canada’s Got Talent, episode 12: a cruel seven minutes of judge dancing (and some eliminations!)

Canada’s Got Talent, episode 12: a cruel seven minutes of judge dancing (and some eliminations!)

Judges Stephan Moccio, Measha Brueggergosman and Martin Short (Image: Canada’s Got Talent)

Canada’s Got Talent, Episode 12

Results shows are always about killing time—it only takes a few moments to actually announce who won—so it’s always interesting to see how producers go about filling a half-hour. In the case of Canada’s Got Talent, the long-gone (but not forgotten) judge dancing got its own clip show, which, when combined with friendly banter, ate up an astonishing seven minutes of the episode.

Host Dina Pugliese dubs judge Stephan Moccio’s signature move the “Moccio Sway” (sure to be the next “Dougie”) and Measha Brueggergosman says he’s always the first to dance. Brueggergosman figures that “if he’s up, well, it can’t get any worse” and joins in, while Moccio tells Martin “Marty” Short he’s one of the best older dancers he’s seen in his life. But the most cringe-worthy moment comes before the commercial break, when Pugliese makes like Ellen Degeneres and has the entire studio audience bust a move to “Bust a Move.” “What fun this audience appears to be having,” is presumably what everyone watching at home is thinking! (Right.)

Unlike last week’s results show, the outcome of which was predictable, there are some surprises. Vithou Thurber-Promtep is up against actor Roger Leblanc (the first to go), Yuval Fichman (next on the chopping block) and New Brunswick band Angry Candy. In an upset we didn’t expect, Angry Candy wins the most votes (we guess tween girls are busy watching Gossip Girl or something), sending Vithou packing. We like Angry Candy (especially for their song choice of Heart’s “Alone”), but we were surprised to see a cover band make it to the finals. The judges’ votes came down to Daddy Cool and beat boxer Scott Jackson, and after much hemming and hawing (they’ve got to keep that clock running!), they opted to keep Jackson over the daddies (sorry, daddies!).

We’ll meet even more semi-finalists next week, but what did you think of last night’s results?

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