Anne of Green Gables mocked by moderately naughty song

Anne of Green Gables mocked by moderately naughty song

We always thought Anne was pretty hot, too

Toronto musician and comedian Chelsea Manders has written and released a moderately naughty song about the chaste Anne Shirley character, titled “Anne of Green Gables Who Dances on Tables,” without obtaining the permission of the Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority. This raises a few questions: namely, Anne of Green Gables has a licensing authority? What does it do? Where does it keep office? And are members required to wear pigtails and straw hats?

A quick visit to the group’s Web site reveals that the “Anne Authority” is jointly owned by the province of Prince Edward Island and the most-likely fabulously wealthy heirs of Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was established to “protect the integrity of images of Anne and to control the use of Anne of Green Gables and related trademarks and official marks, including Green Gables House.”

Now the question is whether the Anne Authority will have a sense of humour about Manders’ bawdy lyrics. The song describes an older Anne cutting loose on the dance floor: “Check out her signature moves, she rolls her hips in cursive grooves. Her vowels are open and wide, no appendixes to hide.”

Manders, who recently won the 2010 Canadian Comedy Award for best one-person show, says there’s nothing explicit in the song, and from what we can see, it’s mostly nerdy double entendres involving literary terms. Still, with offices in P.E.I. and Toronto (watch out, Manders, the reach of the Anne Authority is longer than you think!), the organization will likely be contacting the musician, even if it’s just to tell her that Marilla would not approve.

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