After The After Show: we catch up with Jessi and Dan

After The After Show: we catch up with Jessi and Dan

Jessi and Dan filming the After Show finale (Image: John Shearer/Getty Images)

When The Hills wrapped in July, the on-air finale proved less dramatic than the fairy-tale ending for MTV’s After Show co-host Jessi Cruickshank. Just like Lauren Conrad in the reality soap’s first episode, Cruickshank has packed her heels up and headed to L.A. to work on what she jokingly calls her “mystery job.”

She was back in Toronto last week; we spotted her at a VIP room table at the Guvernment with her former partner in Heidi Montag analysis, Dan Levy. They were reunited to host RBC’s modestly named Night of Your Life TIFF party for the second year.

Jessi can confirm her new project isn’t a reality show, and that she is not taking a crack at acting, but otherwise, her lips are uncharacteristically sealed. “It’s at early stages, so it will be a little while,” she says. “I’m really excited. I’m working with some really great people, and I’m still doing some things for MTV.” She was recently on the red carpet asking Tom Hanks what was better: winning an Emmy for producing The Pacific, or the birth of his children.

Dan is also juggling some television (he was eTalk’s fashion correspondent during TIFF) but explains why neither is in a rush to return to our living rooms. “What we’ve both learned is that in order to make really great TV you have to a) be really involved and, b) you need to take baby steps, because it really is about the quality,” he says. “That’s why both of us are taking our time getting into another show, because you want to make sure that whatever you do is just as good as the show that you left.”