Will Alex Trebek be our next governor general?

Will Alex Trebek be our next governor general?

He's already got the wave down (Image: Marabuchi)

“I’ll take Entertainers turned Politicians for $200, Alex.”

“This beloved Canadian game show host may vie for the position of governor general in about five years.”

“Who is, uh, you, Mr. Trebek?”

That’s right, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek let it slip yesterday that he may consider the post of governor general of Canada when he retires, perhaps in about five years. Trebek was in Ottawa to receive a medal from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society honouring his support of geographical education. The Canadian trivia whiz is involved with the Canadian Geographic Challenge, the National Geographic Bee and the National Geographic World Championship.

Trebek discussed his love affair with all things geography related but then turned his attention to future job opportunities. “You’ve just got a new governor general,” with a five-year term, he noted. “In five years, I’ll be ready to retire from showbiz,” teased Trebek. Would he consider returning to Ottawa to be governor general? “Absolutely.” Compared to other entertainers gone political—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sonny Bono, Jesse Ventura—Trebek’s braininess and relatively dignified television career make him seem almost overqualified. He’ll just have to shake that pesky habit of answering questions before they’re asked.

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