What did Rob Ford do this time?

What did Rob Ford do this time?

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Even by Rob Ford’s standards, the past few days have been scandal-packed. For anyone who unplugged over the weekend, here’s a three-point answer to the perennial question: “What now?”

1. He’s really in rehab, and even spent a few days in a hospital
After days of wild speculation about the mayor’s whereabouts, Doug Ford promised to release proof that his brother was actually in rehab. Late on Friday, CBC made its big reveal. Doug had given the broadcaster exclusive access to one of the doctors supervising Ford’s care, who confirmed that the mayor is at a treatment centre. According to this doctor, the mayor was, in fact, away from the centre between May 3 and 7, but only because he’d been admitted to a hospital. (It was during that period of time that he made his now-infamous “rehab is amazing” comment to the Sun.)

2. His home life is more bizarre than anyone imagined
On Friday night, around the same time the CBC story came out, the Star released an incredibly lurid story about what Ford did on March 5, immediately after returning from his Jimmy Kimmel Live! junket in Los Angeles. In the article, the Star says it has an audio recording of Ford driving intoxicated, calling himself “the most racist guy around” and making “rude comments” about his mother. The Star story also describes what happened later that same night. According to an unnamed person who was present, Ford took his friends Bruno Bellissimo and Sandro Lisi to his house, where he offered to let them have sex with his wife, Renata, who was smoking a joint on the couch. “You can fuck her if you want, in front of me,” the Star quotes Ford as saying. “It’s okay. She lets me fuck girls in front of her all the time.”

3. He may have abused his power to help his family business
As all this was happening, the Globe was putting the finishing touches on an investigation it has been pursuing for more than a year. The article, published this morning, describes a number of times when Rob and Doug Ford used their power as municipal politicians to intervene on behalf of Apollo Health and Beauty Care, a client of the Ford family company, Deco Labels and Tags. By arranging several meetings with senior city staffers, the Fords may have helped Apollo win $2.5 million in grant money from the city. (It’s worth mentioning that Rob Ford consistently votes against grants to nonprofits.) The Globe estimates that Apollo’s business is worth millions of dollars to Deco.