Watch audition videos for Toronto’s Jersey Shore

Watch audition videos for Toronto’s Jersey Shore

Last night, Lake Shore, this city’s answer to Jersey Shore, posted a “webisode” of the audition day on its Web site, and it’s as smarmy as you’d expect—bad extensions, big boobs, buzz cuts, bronzer and Lycra. Of 25 finalists, 17 have been chosen for the show (one is revealed on-line every night). Viewers will be able to vote on-line for the contestants they think will give the show a “sexy, distinctive flavour.” The audition videos indicate that ethnicity will play a big role in the show (look at how diverse Toronto is!), and the judges are more insipid than the contestants. Watch the auditions, after the jump.

Vonny The-Kendoll Foreverfly is Guyanese-Jamaican and gay. His talent is “flipping” straight guys.

Joey Violin is Italian. Witness him try to grind solo. Awkward.

Kali “Kalifornia” Eliopolous is “The Greek-Filipino.” Her craziest moment was getting into a hot tub full of naked guys.

Robby Simpson is “The Scotsman.” His passion is working out.

Roxie “Persia” Ramedani feels personally obligated to share her opinions with the world.