Transit City a go? Maybe, but province has commitment issues

Transit City a go? Maybe, but province has commitment issues

Warning: this man is commitment-phobic (Image: Jennifer K. Warren)

After all the fighting between Toronto and the provincial government over when, and even whether, David Miller’s Transit City plan would break ground, commuters got a positive sign today with the news that the province has kinda-sorta committed to completing the four proposed LRT lines. Reports the Post:

The Ontario government has committed to seeing through the completion of Transit City’s four approved light rail lines—in 10 years rather than eight—despite Premier Dalton McGuinty’s March budget announcement that $4 billion in funding would be delayed for the next five years.

The confirmation that the approved light-rail projects, in addition to York Region’s express busways, would go ahead despite warnings to the contrary by Toronto Mayor David Miller, is contained in an April 27 letter from the province to city manager Joe Pennachetti obtained by the National Post.

The mayor’s staff is unimpressed with the letter because it “talks about projects being ‘reasonably completed.’ There are no five- and 10-year timelines. We need more certainty than that.” There’s also concern that the new Metrolinx plan might involve changes to the planned lines to save money.

Toronto needs more certainty? Commitment? A financial demonstration that the province is committed to this relationship?  Sounds like what Miller is really saying is, “Dear Mr. Premier: If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.”

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